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Stirring and mixing are two of mankind's oldest basic operations. Their origin can be traced back to the earliest days of food preparation. When preparing soup, a spoon is required to stir the pot. The spoon used for this process is the mixing tool and the circular hand movement is the mixing drive unit.

Even the very first mixing processes required empirical experience in order to achieve the desired result.

Mixing is the process of combining several different source materials in conjunction with energy input. The multitude of the substances to be mixed is hard to estimate due to varied states of aggregation, composition, chemical and physical characteristics. Substance parameters such as density or powder density and viscosity, carry great significance during the mixing process. These parameters determine the energy requirements, the possible miscibility, the dispersing degree, and the mixture's stability.

Today, laboratory mixing devices and tools are used worldwide to perform the following basic operations:

* Dissolving
* Mixing
* Suspending
* Emulsifying
* Aerating
* Homogenizing
* Intensification of heat exchange

Stirring allows for the homogenization of mixable liquids and the stir-up of solid particles in liquids. Differences in temperature or concentration are balanced more efficiently during stirring. Additionally, the stirring of liquids speeds up the dissolution process and increases the speed of chemical reactions. Stirring is widely used in schools and universities as well as the biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Wherever chemical products are produced and processed, you will find stirring.

Classic stirring is a convenient mixing process when the liquid's movement or low shearing demands can be met by that particular application.

WIGGENS's product portfolio of laboratory stirrers stands out due to its various stirring techniques, tools, drives and range of speeds.

Stirring can also be combined with other processes, such as heating, tempering and measuring.

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